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South Central Chimney Sweep

Your Safety and Satisfaction is our priority. We use the most advanced technology to provide the best solutions.

Contact South Central Chimney Sweep to request any of our services.

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Ban Toxic Fumes, Enjoy Safe Air Quality

Have high-tech tools and advanced technology on your side and enjoy safe and reliably functioning chimneys, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, and heating systems. We have all of the above and the teams always ready to provide you with their sweeping, cleaning, and repair expertise.

We Clean and Repair:

Chimneys and Fireplaces

Free-Standing Stoves


Whom We Serve

Bet only on the safest and the best solutions. South Central Chimney Sweep serves the following customers in and around Moreland, Georgia:

  • Private Homeowners
  • Home Buyers
  • Property Remodelers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Fire/Heat Source Builders (Indoor/Outdoor)

Tools at Our Disposal

  • Aerial Drones (for Photos and Videos)
  • Chimney Scanners
  • ChimSpect Code and Compliance Software
  • OSHA-Approved Cleaning/Repair Equipment, and Inspection Materials
  • FireGuard Chimney
  • Resurfacing System
  • ChamberGuard Installation System
  • CrownGuard Water Damage Products

Chimney Sweeps With a Mission

Our company deploys chimney sweeps, cleaners, and repairmen likewise educating customers about:

  • How cleaning and repair keep chimneys safe
  • Refractory/masonry skills relevant to chimney maintenance
  • The importance of the above-mentioned services
  • The necessary equipment and materials
  • Why chimney inspections are necessary

Certifications and Partnerships

We collaborate with industry peers and customers and hold relevant certifications and memberships within the industry. Channel our dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to the communities we serve.

Our industry partners include:

  • Chim-Scan
  • ChimSpect
  • FireGuard
  • National Chimney Sweep Guild
  • National Chimney Sweep Institute
  • Snaplock
  • ChamberGuard

Firesafe Industries

Firesafe Industries offers a variety of reliable products to ensure safer chimneys. Learn more about Firesafe Industries here.

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